The new high performance machine with state of the art technology meets the highest criteria in laser cutting technology. It provides high cutting precision for a quality product.

Table work area 1,500 x 3,000 mm

(the biggest size of the product)

Structural steel up to 20 mm

Stainless steel up to  12 mm

Aluminum alloys up to 12 mm

Copper up to 8 mm

Brass up to 8 mm

Press brake DURMA AD-R 30220

Max. working length of the machine – 3,000 mm

Max. working pressure – 220 t

Max. thickness of the material at the bend length 3,000 mm

             Structural steel – 10 mm

             Stainless steel – 8 mm

CNC obrábacie centrum FEELER FVP – 1300A

Vertical 3 axis machining center

Axis feed:

             X – 1300 mm

             Y – 610 mm

             Z – 560 mm

Hrotový sústruh TRENS SN 50 C

Max. swing over bed – 500 mm

Max. swing over cross slide – 270 mm

Max. swing in bed gap – 700 mm

Bed gap width – 230 mm

Distance between centers – 1,500 mm

Height of centers – 250 mm

Bed width – 340 mm

Welding by MIG and TIG technology

Mechanical assembly

Assembly of smaller mechanical units

Mounting surface of 12 x 10 m

Height of mounting space 5 m

Other technologies

Among the other technologies that we can offer are: drilling, threading, profile separating by cutting and slotting of grooves.